Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prairie Prince at Prairie Sun

We are proud to announce that Prairie Prince was in the studio recently recording drums on Billy Savoca’s newest project. Originally from  North Carolina, Prairie has been a founding member of art-rock band The Tubes since 1969. Since then he has racked up quite a resume, working with the likes of Brian Eno, Jefferson Airplane, George Harrison, Richard Marx, Todd Rundgren, and he even played an instrumental role in getting Journey off the ground. His credits, impressive as they may be, are nothing compared to his sheer brilliance on the drums. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself as Billy destroys a 1970’s era Ludwig Vista lite (with a cameo appearance from studio owner Mooka Rennick). An artist at heart, Prairie has embraced   his creative brilliance far beyond the studio, designing stage sets, album art, and drum finishes. In fact, the “prairie room” is studio C features as wall to wall mural painted by the man himself. His extensive portfolio of photography, graphic art, and paintings can be viewed on his website<http://www.prairieprince.com/

Look for Prairie touring with his current band The New Cars (featuring old friend Todd Rundgren, and original Cars members Elliot Easton and Greg Hawkes)  and on Billy Savoca’s newest album. Look for more news as it nears completion. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mark Vigil Project

Mark Vigil is back at Prairie Sun recording some new tunes with his merry band of musicians. This will be his second release, after his first release "Is That Really You?" His second album has a new modern sound to it while staying true to his unique style and wonderful musicianship.

After completing basic tracks in Studio C, Mark and Producer Steve Fontano (Santana, Marty Friedman) headed up to Studio B to track overdubs. Along with Mark singing lead vocals, he is joined by Tommy Miller (Gregg Allman, Eddie Money) on bass, Mark McGee (Gregg Allman, Vicious Rumors) and Josh Ramos (The Storm, Two Fires, Menuto) on guitar, T Moran (Starship, Pacific Brass & Electric, Danny Castro) on drums and Mike Mani (Cypress Hill, Michael Bolton, Backstreet Boys) on keys.   

His new 11 song album is a modern work stretching from country tunes (“Fooled Again”) to Latin influenced “border rock” (“Donʼt”). Also included is
a song written for his daughter which shares her name, “Chelsea”. One song recorded during these sessions, “I Believe In You”, was written for Mark Vigilʼs cardiologist at UCSF. It will not make it onto 
the new record, unfortunately... but maybe even better, it will be released on a re-release of "Is it Really You?"
When asked about whatʼs next after recording, he responded, “I just want to go play!”.

So keep one eye on the road and one eye on the record shelves for the Mark Vigil Project, coming soon to a town (or store) near you!