Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Doolin Run at Prairie Sun!

    One of Northern California’s hottest bands, Doolin Run is an original California rock ‘n roll band that plays country songs like no one else.  Known throughout California for their high energy, extremely danceable shows, Doolin Run is always going full speed ahead to bring you their own unique blend of soulful country/southern rock.
    Formed around lead vocalist, Wes Powell, Doolin Run takes it’s name from a road in New Martinsville, the town in West Virginia where Wes grew up.  After high school, Wesley began traveling the country working as a traveling nurse.  As Wes describes, “In my 12 years, as a nurse, I have been able to touch many lives... This overwhelming desire, to make a difference in this very unstable and at many times, cruel world, has lead me head first, into music.” 

    Backing up Wes are the Doolin Run band, a group of hand picked musicians from some of the best bands Northern California, unmatched in their respective instruments.  On lead guitar is Max Rich, with a rockin country tone.  Sing backup vocals along with Max is Allan Villassan playing 5-string bass.  In addition to these fine musicians are drummer Yo Yo Greve and keyboardist Hagana Kim.
    Doolin Run is already brimming with talent and constantly improving.  With a steadily growing fan base, there’s no where for them to go but up.  Go see them live for an unforgettable experience and keep an eye open for their new album when it is released.

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