Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week of Aug 29

Shadi Shamsavari
This week we were pleased to welcome Shadi Shamsavari into Studio A on Tuesday to mix some of her new material with engineer Oz Fritz.  Her music is inspirational.  Whether she’s sending goosebumps down your spine with her haunting melodies, smoothing out a rough day with a jazz influenced jam or letting it all out with soulful blues inspired tune, she draws from nearly every genre of music to dial in on pure emotion.
A true talent also in on Tuesday, was established guitarist, pianist, and songwriter David Wailin.  David spent some quality time in our Studio B with Matt Wright mixing songs for an upcoming album.  With credentials to back him up, David is a true artist, creating catchy riffs and explosive melodies that draw you in.  Then he keeps you there with classic styling with a fresh view and sound that no one else has.
David Wailin
On Wednesday and Thursday Matt Wright was back behind the console again (this time in Studio C) recording overdubs with Salty DeVito for an upcoming self-titled EP.  This quintet knows how to have a good time and definitely knows how to lay down some seriously brilliant performances.  Whether they’re smoothing it out or rocking it out Salty DeVito uses just enough pop to sweeten just about any musical palate.  Salty DeVito kicks with a lot of rock ‘n roll and an emotional edge that’s hard to stop listening to.
Salty DeVito
Also on Wednesday and Thursday The Americans were up from Los Angeles mixing with veteran engineer Oz Fritz rollin’ in the tradition of true american rockabilly in Studio A.  While finishing mixes here, they are taking some time to play an impromptu show at Kodiak Jack’s in Petaluma, Friday the 3rd at 9:00pm.  Reminiscent of a bluesy Johnny Cash, The Americans are at the roots of what we know as rock and roll.  A throwback to 50’s rock, it’s rare to see a band of such a high caliber in this genre.  Driving rhythms and hypnotic guitars are only a small slice of what this group delivers.
The Americans

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