Friday, August 20, 2010

Omar Torrez

Dubbed by the Seattle Times as the “Latin Hendrix”, Omar Torrez is indeed a rare talent in today’s world. Born of Spanish, Native American, Russian, and Norwegian roots, Omar was raised in the musical hotbed of Seattle. After winning the Hendrix competition at the annual Bumbershoot festival, he left for a journey that took him around the world, studying gypsy music, Flamenco, and classical guitar. Learning from such greats as Carlos del Puerto, Jr. and Juan Serrano, he came back to the states and immersed his guitar talents  back into the world of Rock and Roll.

Forming his own band shortly after, Omar Torrez toured the US and overseas in support of his two releases on Russian Label Soyuz Music. Tom Waits took notice of Omar’s gift and asked him to be on the “Glitter and Doom” tour in the summer of 2008. They embarked on a North American and European Tour to great success.

Recently, Omar has been working with Prairie Sun mainstay and sound wizard Oz Fritz on his new EP, where they spent a few days mixing in Studio A. We at Prairie Sun are excited to hear more new material from this talented young artist. Keep your ears close to the ground as we plan on releasing more tidbits of studio happenings in the near future!


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