Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gaby Velazquez

Stepping into the doors of studio C at Prairie Sun recording, one can hear the diverse music of Gaby Velazquez vibrating throughout the walls, amidst a warm summer day full of good music and great vibes. Joined by drummer Ian Herman (Mikey Hart, Tracorum), bassist Mark Calderon (Tracorum, Wycleff Jean), and engineer Matt Wright, the group has been finishing up on the basics of Gaby’s upcoming third album. Prairie Sun has played a vital role in all of Gaby’s releases, as his previous two albums were mixed by Oz Fritz and Matt Wright here in studio A. Drummer Ian, along with bassist Mark were also featured on Gaby’s previous albums, resulting in a tight sound marked with confidence and experience, along with the signature sound of Prairie Sun’s live room and vintage Neve console and gear.

Gaby, born in Puerto Rico, has lived in the bay area for six years, and has recently moved down to southern California where he was raised. His last album, Costume Ball, can be found on his website, He will return to Prairie Sun later this month to complete tracking his new album. 

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