Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guitars, basses, drums, and amps line the walls of studio C as Rogue Wave searches for the perfect sounds for their new album being recorded at Prairie Sun studios. The band, fronted by Zach Rogue (vocals, guitar) along with Pat Spurgeon (drums, keys, vocals), have been working with Grammy engineer/producer John Congleton (Modest Mouse, Marilyn Manson, U2) for the past week tracking basics and overdubs. Besides a few guitar, key, and vocal overdubs, the majority of the album is being tracked live in the Prairie room in studio C. The band has taken an interest in the legendary acoustics of the Waits room, and have been tracking vocals in there, letting the sound of the room shine through with the vocals. From slide guitar to old Casio keyboards, the band experiments with anything and everything that can add depth to their sound. Rogue Wave has decided to track there basic tracks to 2' tape on the Studer A820. Everything has been running smooth and productivity has been soaring.

This is Rogue Wave's fifth full-length studio album, currently being funded independently. The band has been on multiple labels, including Brushfire Records (owned by Jack Johnson), and Sub Pop Records. Hailing from Oakland California and Rogue Wave got their start in 2002, the band is often labeled as indie rock, but is influenced by a wide variety of musical genres. As of today, the band has a week left to finish up their record. After it is completed, John and the band will head over to John's personal studio, Elmwood Recording in Dallas Texas to mix the album on his own Neve 53 series console. 

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